• Ultra-portable EeePC

    My wonderfully portable EeePC ultra-portable laptop.

  • EeePC-Macro1

    The EeePC close up.

  • EeePC-LED

    A USB powered LED light, for those late nite computing sessions.

  • EeePC-Macro2

    LEDs close-up.

  • EeePC-Desktop

    My EeePC is also my main desktop PC.

  • EeePC and GP2X

    My EeePC sitting next to my GP2X. Both wonderful uses of the Linux OS.

  • Tandy Pocket PC-3

    The first computer I ever bought myself... back in 1986. Still in perfect working condition. The Tandy PC-3 has 4K of RAM and runs a version of BASIC as it's OS.

  • Eee-book reader

    Using my EeePC to read ebooks.

  • Perfect companion for my EeePC

    New Lumix digital camera combined with the Linux based EeePC makes a pretty powerful mobile photo lab! These are two pieces of technology that compliment each other very well. The software running on the EeePC is gThumb; a photo organizer with some phot…

  • Demo eeePC Gaming - RTCW

    Demo video of my ASUS eeePC running the first person shooter game, Return To Castle Wolfenstein. This game is my second favorite PC game of all time. My first is the X-Wing / Tie-Fighter flight simulator game. I'm using Mandriva 2008.1 Spring as my OS.…

  • 20080705-eeepc sdcard

    The eeePC's internal SD card reader can become a versatile dynamic hard drive, when used with the Linux OS. Currently, this SD card is acting as the system's /usr mount point.

  • GP2X w/ Intellivision Emulator

    My Linux powered GP2X handheld running an Intellivision emulator, playing the game "Astrosmash". What can I say... it's great to be able to play my retro. Intellivision games on the go.

  • Tandy Pocket PC-3

    My first ultra-mobile PC. Bought this back in 1985 and it's still functioning perfectly today. It uses BASIC as its operating system and has 4K of RAM.

  • Mandrake Linux 8.2 Install CDs

    My first set of Linux OS CDs.... Mandrake (which is now called Mandriva) Linux 8.2, from 2002. At the time, I had it with Microsoft and their operating sytem, W98. It was either upgrade to XP or do something else. I chose to do something else, and I've…

  • C64 Blue Keyboard

    Something for those of you who remember tape drives, floppy disks, 300 baud modems, BBS(es), having to "load" programs before you could use them, and memory when it was measured in "K". Look at us using ipernity today; we've come a long way. But I thin…

  • C64 Power Button

  • GUI Desktop on a C64 in 40 Seconds

    Recently, at the office, we were discussing how long it takes our blasted MS-Windows PC to boot up. All these dual-core 64bit machines and it still takes a good four minutes (at the best of times - but I've clocked my office-issued PC to take over nine m…

  • Neuros OSD Box

    Box containing my new Neuros OSD video recorder. This is a DRM free video recorder that runs on embedded Linux.

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