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  • Commodore set-up for Oct 2013

    My current set-up. Not much has changed since last update. I moved the computer down to the pull-out tray and put the printer on the shelf over the disk drives. Much more convenient.

  • Ledger 64 Accounts Summary

  • Ledger 64 Main Menu

  • Mayhem in Monsterland, for the C64

  • MMC64

    This device was designed to give you the ability to easily turn your floppy disks into .D64 disk images - as well as restore .D64 disk images back on to floppy disks. Unfortunately, at least for me, the MMC64 isn't all that reliable. Sometimes it works,…

  • Loadstar Diskettes

    Loadstar was an electronic magazine for the C64, distributed monthly on floppy disk. Along with the many games and utility software in each issues, there were some pretty good articles and how-tos, as well. Subscribers were encourages to send in their o…

  • C128

  • Star Gemini II dot matrix printer

    The Gemini II dot matrix printer, by Star Micronics. This printer could do dot matrix characters, dot matrix graphics, and NLQ (near letter quality) characters. Back in the day, NLQ meant that the characters looked more like those typed on a typewriter,…

  • 1541-II Floppy Disk Drives

  • Star Gemini II printer and GEO-Write test

    Printed this out with my Gemini II printer (manufactured by Star Micronics). The document was created using GEO-Write, the word processor for the GEOS operating system.

  • Commodore Amiga (Power stick?) Joystick

  • Loadstar Compleat CD

    This is the complete archive of the electronic Commodore 68/128 monthly magazine, Loadstar, which was originally published on floppy disks.

  • 1670 Modem

  • GP2X handheld running VICE emulator

    My GP2X Linux based handheld console, running the C64 VICE emulator. In this photo, I'm playing "Bruce Lee".

  • Ghostbusters, for the C64

  • Aliens, for the C64

  • Turrican, for the C64

  • Space Rogue, for the C64

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