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  • left key

  • easy working planner

  • Master Modem for the Commdore 64

    This was a 300 baud modem, for the Commodore 64 personal computer.

  • Easy Working: The Planner - Options

  • Easy Working: The Planner - Menu

  • Easy Working: The Planner - Ranges

  • Easy Working: The Planner - Sums

  • Thunder Mountain

    A Commodore 64 game publisher during the late eighties.

  • Wiznet screen

  • 1541 "decadrive"

    New functionality with the Comet 64 Ethernet modem allows you to virtually attach up to ten disks to the modem. It's almost like having a ten-floppy disk drive for your C64.

  • Wico Boss and Epyx 500XY joysticks

    These joysticks have seen a lot of action over the past thirty or so years. I've had to patch up the Boss (aka Gorilla-grip) joysticks a few times - the plastic switches inside always needed fixing. The Epyx joystick is much more reliable, but I found it…

  • 1902A Commodore monitor

    On the screen is the GEOS desktop operating system, for the C64. The 1902A produces a very sharp and colourful image that brings out the best of the C64's video chip.

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