Posted on 08/17/2008

Video filmed on the August 16, 2008

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GUI Desktop on a C64 in 40 Seconds

Recently, at the office, we were discussing how long it takes our blasted MS-Windows PC to boot up. All these dual-core 64bit machines and it still takes a good four minutes (at the best of times - but I've clocked my office-issued PC to take over nine minutes sometimes) before we can start working.

Now, my eeePC with Mandriva takes about 90 seconds... then I thought of my Commodore 64. It might only be a 1 mHz PC with a mere 64K of RAM, but it still takes less than a minute to get a fully functional GUI desktop up and running (namely, GEOS).

The only thing that came close to comparison back then was the Apple Macintosh, but it required a LOT more in hardware and was three to four times the price. It was also limited in it's capabilities, when compared to what the C64 could do - which was also available a couple years earlier.

Ah, the days when writing computer code was a real art and forced people to be innovative.... I miss them. And Commodore really did bring home computing to the masses, changing the industry forever.

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That's pretty cool. After all these years I can't remember actually seeing GEOS live.
I miss the fast boots too.
9 years ago.
Recently I read a blurb that, since GEOS was bundled with new C64s after 1985, it became the world's second best-selling GUI-based OS, surpassed only by Mac OS.

Could be true, I suppose... depending on what you consider a GUI-based OS.
9 years ago.
David has added
Found a very interesting write-up about GEOS here
9 years ago.
nice to see C64 to start - never had one (started from a PC compatible in -85 - it was a Nokia home computer MM2 with 80186 processor and almost MS-DOS compatible) now I'm trying to get some fun from the Macs - sick and tired of WIndows )
4 minutes! - quite a lot - I must check mine....
8 years ago.
Anyone remember........Sinclair Spectrums ? didnt take to long to load software off the cassette tapes......... :-)...................I was thinking this machine (c64) was the one that was good for music, but it was the Amiga wasnt it ?............Will tell you a story about my first computer sometime when you need a laugh :-) in fact Ive got quite a few funny stories about my computer experiences maybe I should blog them........
8 years ago.
David has replied to taffsdad
Yes, I remember the Spectrum, although I've never owned or used one. They were more popular in the UK, I think.

The C64 was known for it's music SID chip, as well. It was the first of it's kind which, to this day, has a following of music composers using it to synthesise sounds and music.

Amiga was known for it's graphics capabilities and was the first true multi-taking operating system on a PC.

Yes, by all means blog your computer stories. I always enjoy reading those.
8 years ago.