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Sun on the hills

This is just an improvisation, of today, a simple and normal day, when I started feeling the day on myself. So, ... I guess I did it with the awakening in my mind, receiving and welcoming another day. Another day in life, which is always a gift by it…


This is an improvisation. It is about how I feel inside, when I feel her smile, and her sweetness. I cannot be grateful enough for this, ... for the gift of her smile.

Cliffs - Víctor Nuño (unfinished)

Just something that started some weeks ago as an improvisation, continued enjoying my time (added several voices using Audacity), and right now remains as something unfinished ... ... as life itself, maybe? Hope I complete it some day.

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Falling leaves - Víctor Nuño

Just an improvisation with flute that I decided to record. I called it "falling leaves", as it reminds me to those moments when they are actually falling, ... or missing someone. Sorry for the bad quality of the recording at some moments. All th…

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