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  • Hester Mae

    Hester Mae is a cloth and paperclay doll made by Susie McMahon. She arrived last Saturday. She is 15" tall and wears a cream silk dress, cotton pinafore with brick red featherstitched embroidery, hand knitted cream sweater, cream crochet bonnet and felt…

  • Joyce sent me a big hug!

    This is me in my living room. Wrapped around me is Joyce Yearsley's most special and beautiful crochet ringtoss afghan that I know she labored on for a long time. When she started it and posted photos, it took my breath away. I don't know how she was…

  • Lookit Mom, Auntie Christine is making something new!

    Omri and Oakley discovered what I have on my iPad screen. Christine, of DandelionFair is working on a new project for me!

  • Opal Joy is taking a good hard look at the new plans ...

    Opal Joy has the advantage of height and she's been carefully studying Christine's rough sketches. The boys are bursting with curiosity!

  • Whatever it is, it looks complex!

    "I think it is going to be a cat," declares Opal Joy (with a bit of uncertainty).

  • 7/52 Shadows: Omri's Photo of Shadows

    Omri and Oakley took some photos of their first snow fall. I think this photo is one of their best ones! To see my photo of them taking this photo, please see my iPernity page :-)

  • Expedition 01

    The boys never saw snow before, so I let them go outside and take some photos with Milly's Nut Phone.

  • Expedition 02

    This is a mixture of ice, over snow, over ice. It is stubbornly stuck to the ground. More frozen rain is dropping on top of this, with the wind helping to blow it in every nook and cranny. It's 26 degrees out there and feels like 15.

  • Expedition 03

    After about 10 minutes, the boys were stuck in this position and I had to rescue them and bring them back inside to thaw out!

  • Oak Grove, February 12, 2014

    Omri's photograph of the Athens Land Oak Grove. This was taken at about 4:00 in the afternoon on February 12th. There isn't much on the ground, but I can tell you that it's not going anywhere for quite some time. This is a layer of frozen rain, followe…

  • Puzzle Bathroom

    Here is the bathroom set of tiny wooden puzzle furniture. Again, I was going for a 1910 feel. It's difficult to see in this photo, but the tub is painted the same way the pedestal basin is. I think the blue divider thingo could be either for a full…

  • Puzzle Kitchen

    When I need some quieter time and I'm able to do artwork, I've been slowly painting all the pieces of the tiny wooden puzzle furniture my husband bought for me. This is what I painted this weekend; the sink, stove, cupboard combo unit and the work tabl…

  • Would you like to meet my friends now?

    Opal Joy: "Would you like to meet my friends now? Oakley: "Yes please."

  • Everyone, we have a new friend!

    Opal Joy: "Look who's come to live with us! He's Oakley. He was in the magic hat's rose blossom!

  • Omri wants a turn in the Fairfield Rose

    Before Oakley arrived in Athens Land, I needed to test the size and comfiness of the Fairfield Rose, so Omri volunteered! Isn't he cute in there?

  • 11) Opal Joy leans in and gives the baby bunny a sweet little kiss to waken him

    (Little dolls go into stasis when they travel to their new forever homes. It takes a gentle kiss from someone who believes in them for them to wake.)

  • 12) Hello Little One!

    Opal Joy whispers, "Well, hello little one!"

  • 13) Hi, am I there yet?

    Tiny Oakley replies, "Hi ... am I in Athens Land?" Opal Joy says, "Why yes; and welcome! We didn't know what was going to come out of your magic hat! Can you tell me your name?" "I am Oakley. I came from the imagination of Christine in the Holly Woo…

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