München - Residenz

Bayern (außer der Gem. Icking)

All of Bavaria except Icking.


17 Sep 2007 2 3 505
The church of Enghausen was built around 1500 in Gothic style. The community consists of just a few farmer families and, accordingly, the church is quite small. It’s also charming enough, but would certainly attract less visitors if it wouldn’t contain the oldest life-size crucifix hitherto known (ca. 900 AD). This niche is right under the bell tower. The rope may only be pulled by authorized personnel.

Wessobrunn - Römerturm


05 Aug 2007 8 271
The ceiling of the church shows scenes from the life of St. John the Baptist.

Wieskirche near Steingaden

05 Aug 2007 1 2 439
While Robbie was held by this unknown young lady, an anonymous gentleman was trying to take a picture of him. Well, that’s not as easy as it may seem to the profane and inexperienced...

Wessobrunn - Inside the “Römerturm”

07 Aug 2007 1 567
The “Römerturm” must be the oldest part of the convent . You can’t get far inside, but even at the door opening the temperature was more agreeable than under the burning sun.

Wessobrunn - Fish Pond

Munich - Marienplatz

07 Aug 2007 2 5 427
Waiting for the train to come, and playing with my camera. I think the result is pretty neat: the same advertisement happened to be on both sides of the track, and the one on my side was reflected in the window of the train.

München - Rindermarkt

16 Nov 2010 1 385
With very few exceptions, the fountains of Munich have been covered for the winter. This one is on the Rindermarkt ( Cattle Market ). I felt sorry for the cows to be left in the cold, but thought the sight was rather funny...

Munich - Karstadt Building

16 Nov 2010 1 238
One of the biggest building projects in the inner city of Munich is the demolition of the huge Karstadt department store, and the building of ... well, something else.

The Other Side

11 Apr 2010 168
Gilded Saints from their less attractive side.

Augsburg 2

03 Nov 2009 1 3 576
1994, again, just an hour or so after the other picture. Cora is sitting amidst the remains of an Early Christian church. No wonder she’s in a meditative mood. Or perhaps she’s still bothered by the sticky fingers she got from the previous ice disaster.

Scheyern Abbey

26 Jul 2009 1 567
During WW II, when German cities became unsafe, the Thesaurus linguae Latinae archives were for the most part evacuated to the Benedictine Abbey of Scheyern. (Even) more interestingly, some part must have been brought to Icking, 25km south of Munich. After we had moved to that village, our then Managing Director told me that. I still have to dig up the evidence.

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