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st. ulrich

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Schaftlach - Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche

Schaftlach - Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche
St. Ulrich plays a prominent part in the church’s decoration. Hard to say why.

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 Sherry ~ Rebujito
Sherry ~ Rebujito
;-) yes hard to say why ;-)

I must say his expression bothers me though...very judgmental looking...hmmmm or maybe his expression is simply due to the fact that he's sitting on a very different kind of *throne* ;)))
guess I'm going to hell for that one ;-PPPP
12 years ago. Edited 12 years ago.
Kees club has replied to Sherry ~ Rebujito
One theory would be that this church, in an earlier stage, was dedicated to St. Ulrich instead of the Holy Cross. But what do I know?

What I found interesting is the face having rather individual traits: it doesn’t have a typically saintly and idealized appearance –something you don’t see very often. And yes, he’s not only a holy man, he’s also a bishop, and a man of power.
For your disrespectful remarks, you may not go to hell, but don’t expect Ulrich’s intercession on Judgment Day.
12 years ago.
Sherry ~ Rebujito has replied to Kees club
I don't want his intercession on judgment day...he looks judgmental enough as it is!...and Nigel...you're scared of HIM...come on...I'm not...I think I could take him! Knock him and his snotty looking face right off his *throne* :-DDDDD
12 years ago.
Kees club has replied to Sherry ~ Rebujito
Ulrich (c. 890–973), bishop of Augsburg, was a good man, leading a simple life himself, generous to the poor, and caring for the sick. He had the reputation of being the Mother Theresa of Augsburg.

Have you noticed the fish lying on the gospel in his right hand? As legend has it, one Thursday bishop Ulrich was involved in a vivid discussion with his colleague of Konstanz. They continued conversation all night long until, next morning, a messenger of the duke arrived. He received a goose leg as a messenger’s fee which he thought could serve well as proof that the life of the bishop himself wasn’t quite as impeccable as the bishop wanted the duke’s life to be (“Meat on Friday! Ha!”). On his return, he handed it to his master, but when the duke unwrapped it the goose leg had turned into a fish.

This was only one of the miracles associated with this holy man, who duly became a saint as early as 993.

By the way, he died on the 4th of July, which makes him a patron of the US. No, I really think you fall to hard on him... ;-)
12 years ago.
Sherry ~ Rebujito has replied to Kees club
Okay you are right I DO fall too hard on him... ;-)))) I apologize Ulrich (but just look at your face on that statue man???)
but getting to know about him by the information you are telling me(thank you btw I love learning new things)...yes I would have liked/loved him very much...BUT if he were like this...then I am certain...without a doubt he would/maybe is loving this humor at his expense...generous humble people are just like that .... they have a great sense of humor esp about themselves...
12 years ago.

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