Posted on 08/11/2007

Photo taken on August 11, 2007

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Apple iPod Nano

Apple iPod Nano
A photo of mine on Flickr caused considerable commotion:

Could it really be that I boycott Apple’s iPod?
This picture may serve as proof that I don’t. It belongs to my daughter (who wouldn’t do with less), not to me, but I ordered it. Yep, it’s the 8Gb model.
Its user interface is state of the art, of course, but the sound certainly isn’t better than that of my very own 2+2Gb Mpio player.

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...and as the color couldn't convey more convincingly: It's another work of the devil's. I think I should start my campaign to free Apple, free it from its evil CEO...
9 years ago.
Kees has replied to renovatio06
Hey! I won’t hear anything negative about the man who would have made me rich had I bought Apple stocks back in 1994! :-)

On the other hand, why would the owner of one of those fabulous Mpio players want an iPod?

9 years ago.
renovatio06 has replied to Kees
Yeah, true. I must admit, though, that Steve's reality distortion field, from which he operates, really works: Even I have developped that kind of "tunnel vision" that has me automatically ignore the fact that other manufacturers make good and good looking products, as well! Was it Canon, who introduced a hot-looking MP3 device? Anyway, there are other designers, who know their stuff.
But then: Who could resist His Steveness' Mantra "... and it comes in a pretty box"? LOL (B.t.w.: Used to be "... and it's got a handle" ROFLMAO)
9 years ago.
you ordered this nano just before the new one was out, huh? :(
and when i ordered mine i made the mistake of ordering the even older one from the refurb shop. unaware that it is generation one. (?) with the silver back.
9 years ago.
Kees has replied to assbach
Yes, I did, but not for the RRP. Besides, my daughter (says she) likes the old model better, so there’s no harm done. :-)
What did annoy me was the no-name “iPod recharger” I bought and couldn’t get to work with the iPod; I then had to spend three times as much for the Apple one.
9 years ago.
assbach has replied to Kees
recharging sucks big time. i have to plug mine to the MB via USB, and it never shows when it's charged.
9 years ago.