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Posted: June 29, 2008

Taken: May  3, 2008

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This scene is from the same cloister as the funny elephant posted previously.
The text underneath reads: “O quid faciunt homines mox pulveres futuri” (Hey man, what do you think you’re doing, as you’ll soon be turned into dust), the pessimistic approach to human vanity so popular during a long period of Western civilization, but rarely taken to heart.

 Sherry ~ Rebujito
Sherry ~ Rebujito
LOL I LOVE your *exact* translation !!!!
and those skulls on there...are they human ones? They appear to be some kind of pumpkin headed alien skulls.
14 years ago.
Kees club
has replied to Sherry ~ Rebujito
True, my translation wasn’t exact: I had serious difficulties translating this simple text. It deals with people in their quality as “human beings”, but you can’t say “what are human beings doing”; “man” would be a possibility, but it’s a singular; “the human race” doesn’t sound right either.

Dutch or German would be no problem at all. “Ach, was treiben die Menschen, die doch bald zu Staub werden werden?” A nice lesson in German for prospective visitors of Germany (whose Kathrin has left): “werden werden” is very funny, but also quite idiomatic. :-)

Important, of course, is the message: Why should you want to be on “What’s hot”, if you’re bound to fertilize the soil anytime soon?

BTW, I do think the remains dug out are human; otherwise image and text wouldn’t fit well together. Probably, the medieval people’s pumpkin skulls were due to bad food and lack of vitamins.
14 years ago.
Sherry ~ Rebujito
has replied to Kees club
I don't care if it was exact or not I love it!
HEE HEE HEE Thank you for the german lesson
I wish I could remember it ;-))))

and well it's not that you should *want* to be on what's hot...sometimes you just
deserve to be...and it's the *sometimes* the inbetween events before you turn into fertilizer
that are the answer to any question that begins with "why should"
MWAH! almost there bestest bud!!! ANOTHER great inbetween event before we both turn into dust right? ;-PPPP
14 years ago.

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