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    Walking on this beautiful beach in my paradise. By the way wish you all safe and healthy New Year 2018. Lots of love and hugs from Mila

  • Bon Jeudi à vous !

    Château de Saint -Germain de Livet Voir Notes SVP !

  • Rocky

    Robin on the hunt for food

  • janvier 2014 005000111

  • 8 janvier 2014 032000

  • ....Vergänglichkeit

    ..... on black please
    By Swen

  • Άγγελος Παρακλήσεως - Angelus Consolationis

  • Un Ours "d'or" .

    Bayerischer Wald.Ni crop ni recadrage.

  • Enfin guéri de son gros torticolis :)

    Voir la photo cachée dans l'image ;-))

  • * Ενάντια Στο Xρόνο - Contra El Tiempo *

  • Loin des regards indiscrets

    Rouge Cloitre sur fond noir
    By Pat

  • .......

    Dreams are the anguished cry of the Soul on black please :)
    By Swen

  • one moon only

    with a special dedication to r. ! ;-)

  • L'ART de la Pêche

  • Square de baton rouge. (2)

  • Red Rose on Black

    Pulled from the archives... I like the sensuous feeling this red rose dripping with raindrops emotes when set upon black.

  • Here it comes! - Spring is around the corner

    Feb 15th... snowdrops and crocus are blooming the sure sign of coming spring. Found this on a urban street while walking to our Skytrain transit.

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