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  • at twilight...

    An exceptionally vivid sunset in the country...

  • Hable d'Ault

  • Deux pylones à l'aube

  • Impressionism/expressionism

  • Morning I

  • La troisième main

  • Farandole

  • Novemberproblem :Wo ist mein Haus geblieben ?

    Best wishes to all Friends for an enjoyable week with a good smiling !!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to watch, leave a comment, favorite, award , invitation to the group


    TOOK A PICTURE OF A PICTURE WHILE IN PHILIPPE'S. The only major accident for the Super Chief was recorded on January 25,1948 when the locomotive #19L, leading the Super Chief loses braking ability while preparing to depart Los Angeles Union Passenger Term…
    By B C