• San Francisco (pb221227)

    Brotherhood Way

  • San Francisco (p3180109)

    Calvary Armenian Congregational Church

  • San Francisco (pb221238)

    "Miss Peace" (1939) The statue was created by Benny Bufano for SF's Golden Gate Exposition, but never installed there, and remained in storage for years. It greeted visitors at the SFO between 1958-1996. Now it stands on the northern side of Brotherhood…

  • San Francisco (pc111977)

    Penguin's Prayer, by Beniamino Bufano

  • Lake Merced (pc110004p)

    South Lake

  • Daly City, CA (pb202113)

    Broderick-Terry Dueling Place. CA Historic Landmark # 19 California Supreme Court Chief Justice David S. Terry and United State Senator David C. Broderick fought "the duel that ended dueling" in California at this spot on September 13, 1859. Read this ar…

  • Lake Merced (p6170405)

    East Lake

  • San Francisco (p4101834)

    Lake Merced Boulevard

  • Lake Merced (pb120026)

  • Lake Merced (pb230124)

  • San Francisco (pb180320)

    Fort Funston

  • Fort Funston (p4120045)

  • San Francisco (pb020022)

    Fort Funston

  • Pacific Ocean (p9060308)

    Fort Funston, San Francisco, CA

  • San Francisco (p6041913)

  • San Francisco (p3110001)

    Snow Day @ Villas Parkmerced

  • Night (p1163282)

  • San Francisco (p4180047)

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