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Posted on 04/21/2007

Photo taken on March 17, 2007

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The only good dish in the lunch

The only good dish in the lunch
Salmon caviar with boiled salmon and betel nut
shavings of lemon grass, kaffar lime leaf, raisins

The only edible dish in the Duxton Hill luncheon. Tasted strangely like vietnamese summer roll with the lime leafs.

Didn't bother to upload the rest of the dishes, they looked terrible in presentation and tasted horrid.

The food in general was crappy, the chefs involved were from Broth, Poppi, PS cafe, Novus restaurant, singapore

This is my 2nd mass meal event, and this has rather been a big disappointment.
Absolutely no quality control in the plating. Terrible inconsistent presentation, with my plate having a somewhat good portion of caviar, the plate next to mine had miminal caviar.

The presentation of each plating was atrious, the people who plated the dishes had absolutely no skills at all. The ingredients were dismal, untastely, and the food was served cold when it shouldn't have.

Each lunch cost sg$50, total ripoff and not deserving to be involved in the ever popular and fabulous Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

The receipes from Bill Granger was uninspiring and tasted worse than the non-descriptive food courts.
The chefs involved should be shot down for the different quality control and horrible food served.

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Drecci Gislaadt
Drecci Gislaadt
Lovely shot, great !!
2 years ago.