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  • return to your past

  • (b)eulenbande.

  • All was forgiven, all forgotten. In this light, this place.

  • Full Wolf Moon 2012

    ❦ Clouds dispersed, revealing a glowing Luna my head thrown back to join hounds' howls to a chorus of lightly undulating goat bells and the plaintive hooting of nearby owls 8/9 January 2011 Ť Lyrics: Silver moon upon the deep dark sky, Through the…

  • abendbrot


  • the color of tobacco

    By Berny

  • caribbean_blue

    By Berny

  • Innere Werte

  • Kaltohrhase 7185

  • Léa, J<10

    Ce peut être la semaine prochaine, demain ou même dans quelques minutes...

  • Léo-Paul, Jack, 3 jours

    La maman se porte bien, le petit Léo-Paul est en pleine forme. Plus de photos bientôt !

  • smoky_mountains

    Eisenerzer Alpen, Styria
    By Berny

  • ...en vol stationnaire


  • Das Wünschen wagen ...

    "Ich meine fast, wenn ich mir mit der Seele etwas innig wünsche, so erfüllt das Leben mir solche Wünsche gerne." - Arthur Rubinstein

  • In | Tact

    ❦ in motion emotion swings sways in the moment observed stillness crystal clarity reveals pathways individually All connected together united beyond ends of days being One we are strong as our weakest link in dramatic haze *♡* 110205…

  • big_leaves

    By Berny

  • It's all real. Our senses are always real. The rest is just experience

    Just a nice puddle, no tricks.

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