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wonder | hairywonder | hairy

wonder | hairy

I've got a brilliant hairdresser and her daughter is learning the same occupation right now. I am convinced of her talent and decided to give her a chance to cut my hair and she was doing a great job, honestly. the funniest thing is: I could learn with her and now I know how to do it by myself, it's eeeeeaaaasy! if any cheap 11€ hairdresser is able to cut my hair again, in the future, especially the one who messed up my hair with a knife(!) the last time: I know exactly what they have to do. I love the feel…
perfect | momentperfect | moment

perfect | moment

mytime | oftheyearmytime | oftheyear

mytime | oftheyear

doors and windows are open now ... I can choose. fall is always my time of the year. time to go out? time for anothe change?
vietnam | berlinvietnam | berlin

vietnam | berlin

vietnam is gleich um die ecke :D im osten von berlin. love the color of this house. we move!
kling | klongkling | klong

kling | klong

picsfrom | thepast don't know why ... forget to upload them, found them today.
never | wantnever | want

never | want

we never get what we want ... it depends on what you'd make out of things, which came by. I just want to be. loving people has nothing to do with getting something. you'll never own people and you should try to learn what your heart says. fear isn't love: reminds me on death cab for cutie. I just followed my heart ... wasn't easy for me as well. people like you always putting pressure on me and I don't wanna swallow it anymore ... I don't want to fight my whole life, doing things I really love and having p…
bunbo | nambobunbo | nambo

bunbo | nambo

my alltime fav ... needs a better version for presentation ... here it is.
gernsehturm | inbetweengernsehturm | inbetween

gernsehturm | inbetween

in between summer and winter ... like me.