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our | lastour | last

our | last

was more a offhanded shooting, early sunday morning ... some girls were missing and I felt sad, cause we had such a great time in the last month ... will miss you. see ya soon at the presentation.
mylife | the showmylife | the show

mylife | the show

[jenny adler - chamäleon berlin - 'my life']
mylife | the showmylife | the show

mylife | the show

[michelle sargent - chamäleon berlin - 'my life']
fashion | shootingfashion | shooting

fashion | shooting

we did our first shooting for the fashiondesigncourse, was a lot of fun and exciting. everybody did a great job!
mylife | artessencemylife | artessence

mylife | artessence

artist: anke van engelshoven had the chance to visit this awesome show again and its's changing a lot ... three new artists and a different show to the last time. time is changing, these show as well. would like to go next week again, cause of a special part of this show. thanks to a special friend and thank ya for your support. you know who you are ;)
violet | sunsetviolet | sunset

violet | sunset

love the violetish color and reflection on the rails
timesli | kethesetimesli | kethese

timesli | kethese

there are days or times like these, can't stop thinking, everything seems too heavy for me. yesterday I saw a woman taking her own life in the berlin central station. that sound, when she dashed on the ground of the track, doesn't stop to repeat in my head. this world is just sick ... the people just moving because of fear. so many thoughts in my mind right now and it is like always, don't know how to grab them and bring them in sentences. waiting for that moment, when everything seems clear. until that I…
1229 | wish1229 | wish

1229 | wish

... somewhere in the london underground ... sometimes I wish my life would be clear like that ... sometimes it is
busty | part Ibusty | part I

busty | part I

schenkenhorst, de a small sample of my awesome weekend, took over 1100 pics within two days. the mission was: get some shots of kai. watch out for 'the kid' he's doing sick things on his bike. now he's starting fmx with busty they made a few shows this weekend together, was fun to watch it. know this guys from wakeboarding, had no idea what they are doing ... that must be fun =D life is beautiful, i love and enjoy it ... hope everybody like me does it.