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poetry | oflife

poetry | oflife
first of all i would like to thank my flowstar for the inspiration with the title which been words, said by her and caught me in such an amazing moment that they are just perfect for this picture.

a picture which can be seen from many different views and sides. whatever the moment is can be reflected here. whatever the desires and wishes are. whatever my will is to see.

my true wish? seeing you in all your facettes and love you with all of them. but since i want the best for me, i'll be patient. if this shouldn't be you, this is fine with me as well, cause i want both of us to be happy and satisfied. whatever time will bring and what will come. i am so thankful about what is and the moments we could share already which been as special as every one of us is. so full of magic and energies. such gifts we've got here and all of them i appreciate totally with my whole heart. i am thankful about what i've learned already and the connections it made for me.

this picture seems to me as a new part of my life. full of satisfaction and living my desires, full of energy and fullfilling my inner truth and walking my path which is given to me. it was taken in one of the most special moments and i am very happy to share it in this life. please feel free to turn it around as much as you like it, because it has little secrets from all perspectives. as we as humans have. unique in every way we are seen and who we are.

i feel a change coming, a change which has something beauti- and meaningful, like a blossom in it's best part of blooming. while this happens to me, it magically happens to everyone around me as well. so wonderful, such a blessing and exciting time.

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Reflecting on your reflections...
Thank you for sharing the beauty
in what you perceive and are

I love what and how you are expressing... Mmm!

May every step of your path be blessed;
shine in the light of the sun | moon
and glow with *stardust*

11 years ago.
has replied to Stiletto
*breathes deeply*

every step is blessed, i can feel it more and more which is beautiful in itself. more aware of what is and being more and more thankful about it.

thank youuuuu for your wonderful words, they make me smile and feel like a reflection of the moon to me :)

~ bt dt gt ts ~

maybe we find some time together to reflect the reflections of the picture, would be very interesting for me to show you my point of view and excited about yours as well.

♡ i love you ♡
11 years ago.
has replied to twelvetwentynine
*smiles and breathes with you*

Oh yes, when we next talk I'd love to hear about it...

I love you, beautiful... *♡*
11 years ago.

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