Posted on 07/25/2010

Photo taken on June 30, 2010

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howtoopen | acloseddoor

howtoopen | acloseddoor
the power of thought.
love begins with our thoughts. we become what we think about. loving thoughts create loving experiences and loving relationships. affirmations can change our beliefs and thoughts about others and ourselves. if we want to love someone, we need to consider his or her needs and desires. thinking about your ideal partner will help you recognise her when you meet her.

the power of respect.
you cannot love anyone or anything unless you first respect them. the first person you need to respect is yourself. to begin to gain self-respect, ask yourself, what do i respect about myself? - to gain respect for others, even those you may dislike, ask yourself, what do i respect about them? -

the power of giving.
if you want to receive love, all you have to do is give it! the more love you give, the more you will receive. to love is to give of yourself, freely and unconditionally. practice random acts of kindness. before committing to a relationship ask not what the other person will be able to give to you, but rather what will you be able to give them. the secret formula of a happy, lifelong, loving relationship is to always focus on what you can give instead of what you can take.

the power of friendship.
to find a true love, you must first find a true friend. love does not consist of gazing into each other"s eyes, but rather looking outward together in the same direction. to love someone completely you must love him or her for who they are and not for what they look like. friendship is the soil through which love seeds grow. if you want to bring love into a relationship, you must first bring friendship.

the power of touch.
touch is one of the most powerful expressions of love, breaking down barriers and bonding relationships. touch changes our physical and emotional states and makes us more receptive to love.

the power of letting go.
if you love something, let it free. if it comes back to you, it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was. even in a loving relationship, people need their own space. if we want to learn to love, we must first learn to forgive and let go of past hurts and grievances. love means letting go of our fears, prejudices, egos and conditions. today i let go of all my fears, the past has no power over me - today is the beginning of a new life.

the power of communication.
when we learn to communicate openly and honestly, life changes. to love someone is to communicate with them. let the people you love know that you love them and appreciate them. never be afraid to say those three magic words: i love you. never let an opportunity pass to praise someone. always leave someone you love with a loving word - it could be the last time you see him or her. if you were about to die but could make telephone calls to the people you loved, who would you call, what would you say and .. why are you waiting?

the power of commitment.
if you want to have love in abundance, you must be committed to it, and that commitment will be reflected in your thoughts and actions. commitment is the true test of love. if you want to have loving relationships, you must be committed to loving relationships. when you are committed to someone or something, quitting is never an option. commitment distinguishes a fragile relationship from a strong one.

the power of passion.
passion ignites love and keeps it alive. lasting passion does not come through physical attraction alone; it comes from deep commitment, enthusiasm, interest and excitement. passion can be recreated by recreating past experiences. when you felt passionate spontaneity and surprises produce passion. the essence of love and happiness are the same; all we need to do is to live each day with passion.

the power of trust.
trust is essential in all loving relationships. without it one person becomes suspicious, anxious and fearful and the other person feels trapped and emotionally suffocated. you cannot love someone completely unless you trust him or her completely. act as if your relationship with the person you love will never end. one of the ways you can tell whether a person is right for you is to ask yourself. do i trust them completely and unreservedly? - if the answer is no -, think carefully before making a commitment.

by tashunka witko

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I love the title and how it links to the text... sweet photo too!

I soo agree with what is written... (~:

* * * * *
8 years ago.
*smiles and blushes*

know what???




8 years ago.
Das ist total an mir vorbei gegangen, hab's erst jetzt gesehen.

Der Text ist sehr weise (bin mir nicht sicher ob weise das richtige Wort ist) und so zutreffend ... irgendwo habe ich ihn schon einmal gelesen.
Diesmal habe ich ihn gleich kopiert, danke fürs "wieder in Erinnerung rufen".

Hach ja ... ;)
8 years ago.
twelvetwentynine has replied to catman
sehr sehr gern du herz. bin auch tiefbeeindruckt von den worten.

ich mach mich evtl. heute nach köln auf, wie sieht es aus? soll ich auf der heimfahrt anhalten? :)
8 years ago.
catman has replied to twelvetwentynine
Wann denn ... wann denn? ;)

Das mit Köln habe ich auf FB gelesen, wann kommst Du denn zurück?
Viel Spass bei den Jecken :D
8 years ago.
twelvetwentynine has replied to catman
weiß noch nicht so recht ob ich heut losfahre oder doch nich :) zurück wollte ich erst nächste woche, so am sonntag und dann aus düsseldorf, alles noch etwas unklar und ungeplant :) we will see. ich wünsch dir eine wundervolle woche
8 years ago.
catman has replied to twelvetwentynine
Ahhhhh, sieht ja so aus als wenn Du Urlaub hast :)
Ich wünsche ich Dir gaaaaaanz viel Spass und eine schöne Zeit. Hab' eine gute Fahrt.
We'll see ;)
8 years ago.