Posted on 06/17/2010

Photo taken on June 17, 2010

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dontforgetto | winfirstplace

dontforgetto | winfirstplace
i heared this song many times, when i was 14 and met an old friend of mine recently, who brought me to alanis' music back then. was good to see you and it just came back to me today. sad though i don't have the cd anymore, but everything for a reason :)

i was just listening to 'women on the edge of evolution' where alanis was speaking. enjoyed her points of view and found some of my own as well in her. here are these lyrics of perfect and yes i do know what this means as many people do

sometimes is never quite enough 

if you're flawless, then you'll win my love

don't forget to win first place 

don't forget to keep that smile on your face 

be a good boy 
try a little harder 

you've got to measure up 

and make me prouder 

how long before you screw it up

how many times do i have to tell you to hurry up 

with everything i do for you

the least you can do is keep quiet

be a good girl 
you've gotta
try a little harder

that simply wasn't good enough
to make us proud

i'll live for you 
i'll make you what i never was

if you're the best,
then maybe so am i 
compared to him compared to her

i'm doing this for your own damn good 

you'll make up for what i blew 
what's the problem ...... why are you crying 

be a good boy 

push a little farther now 

that wasn't fast enough 
to make us happy 

we'll love you just the way you are
if you're perfect

['perfect' - alanis morissette]

here is to unconditional love, to learn and enjoy other beings as they are, without willing to change them. giving a space and let them grow in freedom, cause we are all unique and if something is good for me, this doesn't mean it's right for everyone. being open to learn from each other and respect others and our difference. i have many ideas and views of things, unfortunately not always the courage to spread it, cause i feel many people wouldn't understand. it takes time to get the strength and i will give this time to myself, whatever it takes. i am proud to connect to my higher self and i am also proud about these wonderful instincts i've got and borders i can follow. even though it feels sometimes like a crosswalk :D with the speed of a rollercoaster.

enjoyed a lovely day with bread, plumcrumble and a very good friend of mine. we went for canoeing and the nature around us was just awesome. so breathetaking and simply beautiful and so hard to describe. i guess a beaver baby was crossing our path through the road of rivers, which was the most amazing moment for me. so thankful about the experience, which was a kind of premiere in this life and i'm looking forward whenever it come back to me. would like to go padling on my surfboard across the lakes here. also found a volkswagen t1 in yummi turquoise/cream to rent. have some really nice ideas about this one and tried to get it cheaper for some of my pictures. okay beautiful friends of mine, who would like to join me for a weekend in a lovely camper. make some nice surfboard bully candy parking space pictures and enjoy the weekend. they would give it to us for 300€ instead of 550€. who is in?

so thankful about all the sweet ideas, which just come up again and again and again.

also a nice song i adore so much, thanks a lot to someone special for bringing it into my life.

a lot of love to all of you and light for special ones, who have a hard time at the moment. many big warm hugs and kisses until time is passing and the pain gets better, after realisation takes over.

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lovely to hear your wise words and positivity!
8 years ago.
twelvetwentynine has replied to Jonathan
lovely to see you here, reading and enjoying it. makes me smiling and sending you a lot of love and light. thank you jon.
8 years ago.
Schönes Photo und schöne Musik :)
8 years ago.
twelvetwentynine has replied to catman
vielen lieben dank du herz du. schön, dass du vorbeigeschaut hast :)
8 years ago.
Artística !!! Me gusta mucho !
8 years ago.