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metamo | rphosis

metamo | rphosis
I was introduced to poya by a friend of mine today:

'Poya or Poya Day is the name given to a Buddhist public holiday in Sri Lanka which occurs every full moon day.[1][2] The Full moon is important to Buddhists all around the world, who have adopted the Lunar Calendar for their religious observances. Owing to the moon's fullness of size as well as its effulgence, the full moon day is treated as the most auspicious of the four lunar phases occurring once every lunar month (29.5 days) and thus marked by a holiday.[3]
Every full moon day is known as a Poya in Sinhala; this is when a practicing Buddhist visits the Temple for the rituals of worship.[3] There are 12 or 13 Poyas per year.[4][5] The term poya is derived from the Pali and Sanskrit form uposatha (from upa + vas: to fast) primarily signifying "fast day".[3] Generally shops and businesses are closed on Poya Days, and the sale of alcohol and meat is forbidden.'

I am woking in a hamam at the moment and truly enjoying it's awesome side events, like having sauna and a hot stone to relax on, but also recognizing the hard work it is and enjoying this itself as well. It is very much a body work and brought me closer to build up some of my healing abilities, offering intuitive massage and just by creating my flyer I met a woman using also here intuitive gifts, which inspires me a lot!
By working there with lots of nationalities I discover how blessed I am in freedom and choice, that is given to me and which I have chosen. It makes me understand how precious each moment is and makes me questioning again how I can share and spread this gift by woking there, but also by all the extra abilities that I am blessed with.
This sculpture developed from a New Years Eve tradition, which is not truly mine, but it happens to be every year that I am with people who enjoy that tradition and share it with me, for what I am grateful for. I heat up the metal over a fire/ candle and wait until it is liquid and then let it fall into cold water. What happens out of it is something that is like an omen for the future. We call it 'Blei gießen' (in Engl.: Molybdomancy) These two came out for me and I chose to bring them together on a plate of birch as a little sculpture and to me it looks like a rebirth and I am in a process of metamorphosis all through the year. Rebirth like the full moon is to me. This one looks to me like someone small is giving up something to someone bigger and represents the balance between two individuals, though it is not as equals and I rather choose to be eye in eye, though I might not be there with every human being, but it is something I may grow during this metamorphosis. I make my steps and learn to say no to what is not serving anymore and agree to love and respect myself. This both figures could also be a couple and the smaller one (the woman) is presenting something to the 'man', which seemed to me like a penis first, before I brought them together. Anyway, I love to see both of them like this, someone they seem to belong together, though they been created from two different pieces.

A song that came to me a couple of times when I was working is called metamorphosis.

Life is a gift of abunDance, so let's dance with our blessings and find balance!

I am leaving for the south of Germany this weekend to discover Heidelberg and it's surrounding, later on the beautiful Rhön. They even have mammoth trees in Heidelberg and a path of philosophers, which I am really looking forward to. Freshly packed with my all magic peppermint soap. The guy in the shop where I bought it from said that he even brushed his teeth with it once and it felt really clean afterwards. For any interview please contact him here.

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This reminds me that we haven't seen for quite some time. How about meeting again - end of August? F.
8 years ago.
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Na dann lieber F. sehen wir uns wohl Ende August.
8 years ago.

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