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  • Here comes Darren

    Being older, wiser and with a "financial controller" at home us old dudes were not drinking beer, smoking bongs or just driving like an idiot.

  • Straight ahead no looking

    These young drinking P platers came from another track and just drove straight over this without looking. Ahhh.... to be young again with heaps of disposable income and more balls than brains.

  • Dip diddy do da... dippity day

    This was just before the big hole. I scrapped my bullbar but that's what it's for.

  • Little mud hole

    With my road tyres I slipped around in this mud. Darren went through it with a little bit more speed and it was a breeze.

  • Mountain.. one of them

    I wonder if it would be possible to drive up that... probably not with my road tyres...

  • Three of us

    Here we are, my old battered but trusty Pajero compared to the newer shiner and better equipped Landcruiser and Prado. I want better tyres on mine and a snorkel.

  • Hill climb

    It was steeper and harder than the photos make it look.

  • Mind the ruts

    Remo with John coming behind. We went down this track but turned around cause we were going the wrong way.

  • Up she goes

    We scouted and took the easiest part of the hole.

  • John sideways

    Slipping around in the mud was Fun with a capital F.

  • Muddy water flying

  • Playing in the mud hole

    The mud was fun, it got everywhere and it took me over 2 hours to clean my car with a high pressure hose. I would go back this second and do it again though.

  • Rough riding

    Once past the deep hole it was still not easy.

  • Remo goes through

  • Off he goes

    John before he attempted to cross the bog hole.

  • Glasshouse mud

    My Pentax can take 3 photos a second. I used that mode and Windows Movie Maker to create this. It was awesome fun.

  • Over the dip

    Going over a dip.

  • USA comparison

    Australia compared to the USA.

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