At the front

Hervey Bay holiday 2010

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At the front

On our way out to see the whales. I think in the distance is a tail print, that's when the whale's tail makes the water at the surface really flat and calm, looks like an oil patch.

Sitting down

Alex and Stephanie up the front of the boat, we all had a great time.

About to be passed

I was on the inside here, Alex had the advantage and over took me on the next corner.

Alex on the Kart

Here is Alex racing in the go-kart

Alex after overtaking me

On the way home from our Hervey Bay holiday we called into the Go-Kart track. Alex and I raced around for 20 minutes having a ton of fun.

Big splash

Big splash of a whale breaching. It was just swimming along and out of no where it breached. I only caught the splash as it landed :(

Close call

We had several whales come really close to the boat. Pity none seemed interested like last time we went but we still had a fantastic day.