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  • Gemma digging

    We went to a leash free beach earlier in the year, Gemma LOVES it. She runs around sniffing everything and she loves to dig. As you will see she doesn't think about those behind her.

  • Shadow life

    It took many photos of people walking through this spot to get the one I wanted

  • Shadows shapes and contrast

    I have no idea what the front of that building is supposed to represent but it looks cool in that angle of lighting.

  • Can you hear me?

    There are still public phones, not many but they are still about. I was surprised that I caught a photo of both being used at the same time. I swear this is not faked, there were 2 people that did not have mobiles and both needed to make a phone call at…

  • Pretty Blonde

    This was already a warm shot from the setting sun, I added a touch more to it though.

  • Important meeting

    These girls just sat down in the middle of the QSM near Hungry Jacks there. People just walked around them having a chat.

  • Old Skool

    No iPad fopr this guy for several reasons. The first being that they were not released at the time of this photo.

  • On her way

    Another example of someone going through life disconnected from whats around her.

  • Lady in red

    She was just waiting at the cafe.

  • Ben Teo, ballon head

    I saw Ben in the QSM with a camera crew talking to people. I was taking photos of him as he was doing so. I knew he did a segment on the NRL Footy Show, never actually watched the show. I didn't even know his name at the time. I had to Google to find out…

  • Always different

    No matter what problems you think you have there is always someone with worse and they just get on with life. I saw these people several times through the day, the one with the pink scarf had a bit of a limp. She was often laughing.

  • Morning tea break

    Something about this woman caught my eye.

  • Patel on his way

    This is Dr Death on his way to be sacraficed on the altar of the incompetence of Qld Health and the Gvot cutting the health budget year after year.

  • Hey did you get my text? Yep.

    Why are we so connected to our gadgets and not to the people right next to us?

  • Young love

    She wants respect, admiration, courtesy, to be cared for and noticed. He just wants one thing, just look where his hands are reaching for!!!

  • Not a grinner

    I took many many photo of people walking past this point to get one I was happy with. No idea where he was off to with that stuff.

  • Nice and clean

    This guy was driving this machine up and down. I don't think he cared if there was anything to clean or not.

  • Did you just take my photo?

    Yep. Why? *shurgs, keeps walking* f&$*ing idiot He was a waiter for one of the places in the centre of the mall. During the rest of the day I would see him as I walked past. First couple of times I smiled and waved, he just looked pissed off and turned…

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