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  • grim reality

    I hate doing beach patrol. I'm sick of it. what do you mean? it's the best job ever! no, man. I found another drowning victim. do you know who it was? yeah, she might have fallen overboard. gee. why didn't she take a shower on the boat? what? instead she…

  • shore patrol

    dig in, men. as you can see, the enemy's massing on the horizon. yes, sir. but. . . no buts. look. there's thousands of them. I see, sir, but isn't that. . . why are you talking, and not digging, corporal? I'm digging, sir. I'm digging. it'll be a massive…
    By honeyj

  • transmission

    what is it, edwards? it's a signal. I think. far away, but closing. is it one of us? definitely not. it's nothing I ever heard before. could be french then. yeah, probably.

  • super nova!

    sir! sir! come to the bridge! quick sir! what is it broderick? I'm trying to enjoy my coffee. sir! we're increasing speed rapidly! what do you mean? we're. . . we're beyond the speed of light! sir! that's impossible, broderick, you know that. don't tell m…
    By honeyj

  • collective unconscious

    we're starting a new ad campaign for the product. great! what's the pitch? we tell people they want it, and they do. yeah? that sounds like every other ad. no, you don't get it. we tell them. they want it. oh. and how are we gonna swing that? we appeal to…
    By honeyj

  • beachhead

    man, when will this fog ever lift? what gives you the idea that this is fog, son? well, I don't know. . . it looks like fog. it's them. make no mistake. they're here. them? it's gonna be a battle of civilizations, count on it. but. . . to the winner goes…

  • cookie oven

    sire, think the humans will buy that title? cookie oven? ha ha. all those stupid humans ever think about is their sugar. they have no idea that this is in fact a weapon of mass destruction. ha ha! well, they'll soon find out, won't they. yes. launch the m…
    By honeyj

  • prelude to a dream

    we gotta go. how we gonna get there? we'll take this canoe. but that will take hours! we have all the time in the world. I love you too, sweetie. really? ok, you paddle.
    By honeyj

  • possession

    sweetie, pour me a drink. anything, sugar. and call my office. tell them I won't be back today.
    By honeyj

  • outpost

    sargeant, put a man on this wall. yes, sir. the hills are crawling with the enemy. we'll be ready, sir. I hope so. if we're not, we're bug soup. not a pleasant thought, sir.
    By honeyj