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  • all that nature.......

    on the Sendero Mirador, the best view of Ventisquero Colgante........
    By Berny

  • shaky shaky

    By Berny

  • DSC 0070

  • DSC 0104

  • Molène

    Sur fond noir ça me plait!

  • The Hof

    Hofburg seen from Burggarten First day in Vienna

  • Resonance

    Haus der Musik Museum Second day in Vienna

  • Stranger in Moscow

    I chose this title because this picture reminds me of Michael Jackson's "Stranger in Moscow" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIZ8BE2Ko A0 Rest in peace Michael Jackson!

  • Spring Crown

    By SouL

  • Imposing

    A London landmark, the Post Office Tower, rises up from a street in Fitzrovia. Formerly, there used to be a rotating restaurant at the top of this, but this has been closed for many years.
    By Adam *

  • Dreaming of flight...

    ... never to be. Original size for more details :o)
    By Pixie

  • Dreamcar

    By Arne

  • Ark

    Club The Ark

  • brumes matinales

  • reflet parisien

  • Quack

    A duck takes off near to Oxford's Botanical Garden
    By Adam *

  • U F - merging with nature

    By Berny

  • Dampfross

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