Posted on 10/24/2008

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Legend of Zelda - Link figurine

Legend of Zelda - Link figurine
When I first played the Nintendo's NES game system, "Super Mario Bros. 1" was the first game I ever played that was very enjoyable. It was an side scrolling, action/adventure game, that dealt with Mario, going thru levels and levels of game play with lots of jumping action and 4 main power ups.... Mushroom & Flower power power-ups, 1-ups, and plenty of coinage for 1-ups! It was simple game, and had lots of 8-bit fun. If you played the long way, it could take about an 45min's - 1 hour to beat. But, if you played using the short-cuts in the game, it would only take about 20 minutes tops. *wink*

But the picture here, isn't about mario, its about our Hero, "LINK" based on the videogame, called, "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA"

"The Legend of Zelda 1" came out a while later on the NES game system in the 1986 or 1987, and I became one of the first RPG favorites of many gamers today.

In the first game, the character, Link, who you play, is on a quest to find all 8 pieces of the triforce of power and save the the land of hyrule from the evil wizard Gannon. And save the Princess too, but mostly to save Hyrule.

The Evil Wizard, Ganon, who tried to overcome the land of Hyrule with his minon's and steal the triforce, so he could rule the land of Hyrule in darkness forever was daunted, by the 7 wisemen, and the triforce was eventually broken into 8 pieces, and spread apart from each other and put in seperate castles.

The triforce itself, is a large and magical golden triangle. It has been said, that when whom-ever gained possession of it, would allow the owners deepest desires of their hearts to give them such great power, that it would either better the world, or destroy it.

The first L.O.Z. adventure RPG game, was basically played in a looking down on the world, birds-eye type view. You had a battery built into the cartridge, to allow 3 different game saves, which allowed 3 different game users, could all have their own quest to finish. The game, if played constantly, could have at least taken at least 2-3 fully dedicated days to complete. But thankfully the game-battery, would allow the user, after they have been defeated, to save and continue, or quit for the day and return for another barrage of gaming for another day.

In the Legend, it states that only the true hero (Link), after gaining the master sword, could re-obtain the all the broken triangles, and finally put an end to Ganon's tyranny forever.

But if you notice, in the picture, there are 3 triangles, not just 1 large one, that I mentioned from the first LoZ game.

In fact, the first triforce you fought to bring together in the game was, in fact, The triforce of power. The other 2 triforces were hidden by 7 wisemen in the land of hyrule to protect the golden land (an alternate mirrored universe from the land of Hyrule.

We find this all out in the 3rd installment, "A Link to The Past" when, Link finds out thru the towns people, and the wise people of Hyrule, tell about all 3 triforces.

The First triforce, stood for Bravery & Courage. The 2nd Triforce stood for Knowledge & Wisdom. The 3rd triforce stood for Strength and Power. When all three triforces came together, an even greater power could be bestowed on the owner, and make their greatest wishes come true. Either destroying the land and making it a wasteland for evil to rule forever, or beautiful utopia similar to living in heaven or paradise.

Since that game, we've had other titles of The Legend of Zelda span across many new game consoles. And in this case, this picture of link's character, is when he's older, is in the game, "The Ocarina Of Time" for the Nintendo 64, when Link finally learns how to Time Travel, thru using the master sword & the Ocarina, at the church of time.

The Ocarina that Link uses, playing the music correctly allows Link to make certian things happen, moving time faster, calling his horse, having his scarecrow friend to pop up in certian areas to use the hookshot, and many other surprises.

The Legend of Zelda genre has improved greatly since its move from one game console to the next and I hope that the game developers continue to create ever more fun and ingenious ways of game play for this character.