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    Sorry folks, I haven't taken any photos for a long while. Haven't had much time to focus on photography lately. Been just trying to focus time on my family, myself, and a few other things. Just to let you know though, I am ok, and doing just fine. I…

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  • Pillow I made by hand

    They are made of suede fabric.

  • Gimp Chains

    I make these on the occasion when I have idle hands.

  • Looney Toons - NO SMOKING Please

    I bought this metal sign down at a store in town. I love the looney toons, I had to get it. was only 5 bucks.

  • Magnets I bought.

    Starting from Left to right at the Top corner ~Police sticker badge, Nintendo Service Magnet, Pespi Bottle, Me sitting with Santa Claus, Sonic the hedgehog 3, Panther Country, Artsy photo magnets, Legend of Zelda 1 Shield magnet (I printed out), Videogam…

  • Crazy Taxi Remote Control Car.

    I didn't get a remote control for it, but I bought it for show, only because I like the game.

  • Tetris on GBA-SP

    I got a score of 59,776 points going from stage 0 to stage 10, no stopping. Pretty impressive I say.

  • Super Mario Bros. - Power Up T-shirt

    I got this from a friend up north. I never wore it because it was an XL which is too small. I ended up giving it to my sister.

  • Beavis & Butthead Carnival Glass poster

    I won this at a Carnival back in NH, and I have this hanging on the side of my big mirror.

  • Videogames Collection (3)

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  • My P.C. Microphone

    I got this lil bad boy down at Radio Shack for less than 5 bucks. It picks up my voice on TeamSpeak when I'm playing Medal of Honor

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  • agate stone - bought from the discovery store

    agate crystal is suppose to be a good stone for a Gemini.

  • Snow on my car (2-12-2010)

    This was taken a few weeks ago on January 12th, 2010. OMG it was snowing in South Georgia! And I have proof of it, on my car! LoL!

  • picture of the moon

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