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  • Erfrischender Quell alles Lebens

  • Amazing Structures

    I never saw those structures before. The reason is exciting. 2. This phenomenon is known from elsewhere: The phenomenon of ice circles has bee described in 1882. But it didn't evoke interest of scientists before 1995, when very large ice circles were see…

  • Ice-Land

    A litttle island within the lake Walchsee. ~~~~~ Eine kleine Insel im Walchsee ~~~~~ Aerial photo while ballooning near Walchsee (Tyrol, Austria), January 2016.

  • und immer wieder geht die Sonne auf

  • Fonts del Algar

  • Nordkapp spike

    ......and midnight sun, seen from Kirkeporten
    By Berny

  • you can call me lake

    reminds me of the famous Stones logo ;-)
    By Berny

  • the midnight photographer

    About midnight the sun appears exactly beside the Nordkapp spike and standing on the right place you can look at it through the Kirkeporten rock window. My daughter preferred the top position. And yes, the lense was dirty (f/16) ;-).......see PiP for view…

  • AbendLicht

  • Frozen Puddle

    Seen within the Riss Valley (Großer Ahornboden, Karwendel Mountains, Austria) ~~~~~ Gesehen im Risstal (Großer Ahornboden, Karwendelgebirge, Österreich)

  • Dark Forest

    Forest near Krimml (Salzburg, Austria). ~~~~~ Wald in der Nähe der Krimmler Wasserfälle (Land Salzburg, Österreich)

  • Autumnal Evening

    Captured near the "Lenzengraben" within the "Mettenhamer Filz(Chiemgau, Bavaria) Within the valleys of the alps the finishing time for photographers begins early, because there are not many places, which have sunlight until late evening. The valley of th…

  • IMG 0913 (2)

  • NAVARRA, Nacedero de Urederra

  • Seerose

  • Sonnenaufgang über dem Pfänder

  • alone in blue space

    Bierde Hochwassr

  • Rückenwind

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