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Fingal's cave pseudo Long exposure Seascape

A seascape on the Isle of Staffa, Scotland. I visited this island from the enchanting Isle of Mull, It is famous for Fingal's cave, the entrance of whivh is next to the constricted are in this photo. I left my ND10 filter at home by mistake, so have merged 22 photos to mimic the effect and provide the milky trail of the wave motion. I am pleased with the result!!


Wintertime on the Lofoten (Norway)

Cold but beautiful :-)). Solvaer on Lofoten, Norway.


Faith: ME Feith or Feyth, from OFr feid, from L Fides, from fidere to trust. (Chambers) Fath n. Trust or confidence; Belief in the statement of another person; Belief in the truth of revealed religion; Confidence and trust in God; The living reception of religious belief; That which is believed; Any system of religious belief, especially the religion one considers true; Fidelity to promises; Honesty; Word or honour pledged; Faithfulness; Interj. (archaic) by my faith; indeed vt. (Shakesp) to believe. Sym…

Christmas Greetings from Australia

I wish you all a lovely Christmas & a happy & healthy 2015. Thank you for adding so much to my life. This is a Kangaroo Paw.


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