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Blues For The Orient

Beauties in Orange

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Croes Geltaidd Nanhyfer

Mae pen y groes wedi ei gysylltu â'r golofn gan uniad mortis a thenon. Ymddengys fod o'r 10fed ganrif neu o ddechrau'r 11eg. Mae arysgrifiad Lladin ar y tu blaen: H/AN/.EH, ac ar y cefn: DNS. Mae ystyr y cyntaf yn ansicr ond mae'n debyg mai talfyriad o Dominus (Arglwydd) yw DNS. Ø+Ø+Ø+Ø+Ø Kroaz Keltiek Nanhyfer Penn ar groaz zo stag ouzh ar peul gant ur joentr ingoch ha steudenn. Seblantout a ra bezañ eus an 10vet kantved pe neuze eus penn kentañ an 11vet. Un enskrivadur latin zo war an tu a-raok:H/AN/.E…

L'amour au fil de l'eau...........Love reflects.

The Albatross and the Rainbow

The Southern Ocean is usually too cloudy for rainbows. Just briefly the sun broke through and I watched a circling Royal Albatross, hoping that it would pass through the rainbow. Eventually it did, though away from me (see note). Then, to my delight, it turned back. Explored.


Color Wheel Project Week 8 : BROWN SAY AAHHHHH....:) Hippo at Dusit Zoo, Bangkok Thailand Happy Monday and thank you so much for all your visits and support:)

A nebulous Sunday morning

Frankfurt am Main vor der Osthafenbrücke
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