India. Bhuj.

Signs of the times

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  • Roadside sign, India

    Oh.....if only!!!!!! But at least they are JOLLY. Have fun!

  • Street art

  • Dentist sign, Kashgar.....OUCH!

    On the Old Silk Road in the western desert of China

  • India:Border Roads sign, Nubra Valley Ladakh

    My favourite . "Essayez d'atteindre les etoiles, meme s'il faut se tenir sur un cactus".on Near Line of Control (Siachen Glacier) with Pakistan at 4000meters. ....where there is almost zero vegetation, zero poulation, and certainly no cactus!

  • India: Border Roads sign, Nubra Valley Ladakh

    John's favourite. "Sans geographie on est nulle part". It is in the middle of NOWHERE. Near Line of Control with Pakistan at 4000 meters in high altitude desert

  • Road to Siachen near Pakistan border, India

    Nubra Valley Border Roads sign in situ. It reads, "Alert to life, rough to death" whatever that may mean! This is in the remote Karakoram Range at 4000meters...these signs are every kilometer or so in the wilderness here!

  • Chengdu, China

    Giant ad on building

  • Sign for food ahead...kangaroo, camel and emu! Desert Australia

    800 km north of Adelaide.


    Interesting sign. Uttaranchal, India, on bank of Ramganga River

  • Ladakh: Public inconvenience

    Sign at high altitude indicating a rock behind which one is able to pee.

  • Pondicherry. India

    Old wall

  • Pondicherry, India


  • Digesting the news

    Hungry goat eating posters, Pondicherry, India. They peel them off the walls to eat!

  • Sign

    Sri Lanka. Sigiriya UNESCO site.

  • Sign. South India

    Your guess is as good as mine.

  • Australia. Road sign

    Wombats and kangaroos next 10 km

  • India. Almora.

    Uttaranchal. Advertising on shop wall

  • India. Bhuj.

    Gujarat. Charlie Chaplin shop shutter. No idea of significance!

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