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Suru Valley. Zanskar

Kashmir. India. At 3600meters altitude.

India. Painted haveli detail

India. Shekhawati region. In most of these towns are huge 19th century mansions (havelis) built by very rich merchants. They were painted all over, inside and out with a riot of amazing murals. Most today are abandoned, and many are falling apart, their owners having moved to big cities with their wealth and fortunes. A small few have been restored.


Suru Valley

Zanskar, India. Mt Kun (7000+ meters)


Imam Khomeini Marg (Street)

Kargil. India. Kashmir. Sunni Muslim area.

Confluence: Indus and Zanskar Rivers

At 3600m in the trans Himalaya

Monk at Paradise Restaurant

Leh. India

Anyone for teeth or specs?

Leh. India


Kangaroo Island. South Australia

Holi in India (on black)

Festival of colour (throwing coloured powder)...Holi. North India
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