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Foggy dawn, Lake Albert

As dawn arrived over the lakes, intermittent fog and mist rolled past. (Suggest view on black).


Southern Ocean storm #1

Copied from an old slide (and now brought forward in my photo stream). Heading south on the Nella Dan, a few days out from Australia we encountered a major storm system in the Southern Ocean. This was taken from the deck above the bridge. At the worst of the storm, we finished up hove-to, pointing due west into the hurricane force winds for several days. Minolta SR1, Auto Rokkor 58/1.4, Kodachrome 2. This is entered in the monthly comp for the Prime Lenses Group. The topic is "Wrath of the Sea" - how…


Seastack Landscape #1

After leaving the Macquarie Island station, we travelled along the coast a little in the zodiacs, taking photos of the scenery and wildlife. It was somewhat surreal to be floating among these seastacks in the fog and mist. If you are interested in the rocks, for details (they are quite unique) refer to the note with my photo of the Rockhopper penguins.
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