Last night's moon

Night Sky

An album which I can honestly say is mostly "out of this world". :-)

Last night's moon

A clear sky and a bright moon made an irresistible combination. Here's a matching musical link.

New moon

It was just too hard to resist a fairly clear sky (some low cloud at left horizon) and a new moon. This covers about 180 degrees (stitched panorama). The local town throws up some light at the right. Needs to be viewed large. EDIT: I've now edited and replaced this with a different projection.

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My first Milky Way bow

Six stitched images (vertical format) were needed to make this (about 180 degree) panorama of the Milky Way. In the middle of the bow are the Magellanic Clouds, two small satellite galaxies. Out on the right, a little evening mist is beginning to cover the lights of the local town. One to view large, maybe while listening to this. Explored.

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Night in the country

Night sky in the country and a little torchlight to fill the foreground. Here's a musical link to go with it (suggest view large). HFF and have a great weekend, everyone. Explored.

Going, going ..... gone!

Tonight's much hyped "Super blue blood moon", as it disappeared into eclipse, a collation of images. We were lucky that the cloud cleared just as the eclipse began. For those wanting EXIF details, the lower right image was taken at f11, 1/125 and ISO 400; the middle image at f8, 1/100 and ISO 800; the top left image at f5.6, 1/40 and ISO 3200. The camera is a Pentax K-1. Explored.


The brighter trail is the International Space Station, as it dims when heading into the earth's shadow. Viewed large it may be possible to see the trails of five other satellites. Those two light blurs are the Magellanic Clouds, themselves small satellite galaxies to the Milky Way.

Up above

Looking up into the Milky Way, again through Scorpio but a dark sky and without the moon (see my earlier image). This is a stitched panorama of two images. What fascinated me, on viewing it, is that no fewer than five satellites/space junk items have left trails. Only one shows here (you'll need to view large), just above and left of Antares and slightly below the centre.

Passing through

Taking a break in my China series to post this image from last night of the Space Station (ISS) passing directly overhead, just past the moon and through Scorpio. Best to view large on black, there's also a note.

Three satellites

From the website I found that two Iridium satellites were to pass over us through the Southern Cross constellation. I wonder if this would be called a "double crossing"? :-) The third satellite was an unexpected bonus. One to view large.
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