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The Grevillea

Australia has an extensive genus of plants known as Grevilleas. I think all have complex flowers - see the PiP for a closer view. This one is on a bush which has been flowering for several months in our garden.

We're going to crash!

A few days ago came a report that the Large Magellanic Cloud (that's it here) is likely to crash into the Milky Way in just 2 billion years! Hey, we were supposed to be safe from a collision for 8 billion years. Ooops! Better backup of all your more valuable images, just in case. :-) Taken using the Pentax 'astrotracer' on the K1. View on black, maybe while listening to this. Explored.


From the lighthouse

The view from the Montague Island lighthouse. This stitched panorama looks north across the island and shows the two different types of geology - granite nearby and basalt on the more distant section. The tern colony (previous images) is visible on the adjacent rocky areas. Definitely one to view large. HFF and have a great weekend, everyone.

The knitted crew

My talented wife does various handcraft projects with a craft group. A recent project involved knitting these (somewhat stylised) mice and a rabbit. Explored.


Our frangipanni

It takes until New Year, but the frangipanni do finally flower here even if they are much later than further north. Be a devil, click on the image to view it large. :-) Explored.

Tempus fugit

It's rarely that I post an image I didn't take...this is an exception. It doesn't seem that long ago either! A special occasion, to be shared with family and friends, will largely keep me away for the next few days. Meanwhile you might enjoy this matching link.


Flying home

Crested Terns (Sterna bergii) flying back to their chicks with freshly caught fish (see also PiP). Here's my musical link. Explored.


Family portrait

Crested Tern (Sterna bergii) and chick at Montague Island. This species of tern is found around the Australian coast. View large. I hope I'll be excused for this musical link. :-) Explored.


The colony

Colony of Crested Terns (Sterna bergii) at Montague Island. View large.
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