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Fire glow

Taken near our home. The foreground lighting from the street lamp behind me, the red glow from the nearby bushfire (at this stage about 8km away and being held back by fire crews). The morning following this image, as suggested by the Rural Fire Brigade, we left with some of our possessions as there is a risk the only access road could be cut by fire. We are now safe, but over the next few days are hoping to make a quick return visit to retrieve more items to safety in case the fire should come through -…

Help arriving

A convoy of fire fighting trucks arriving today from interstate Victoria, to assist with the large (UPDATED AM 4/12 no-w >47,000 ha) bush fire, currently out of control, just 10 km or so from our residence. At a public briefing today, the Rural Fire Service speaker said “We can’t stop this fire. It is so dry out in the bush, it will keep jumping over our control lines.” He added that only good rain (we're in a drought) can stop it totally. Meanwhile, there also are many aircraft assisting with control. (…

Lilly Pilly flowers

Our Lilly Pilly shrubs (Acmena smithii) are flowering and attracting honey bees and native bees (see note). These bushes are an Australian native, originally from east coast rainforests but now very popular in gardens.

Selfie time!

Well, with a background such as this in Copenhagen, why wouldn't you take a selfie? HFF and have a great weekend, everyone.

What next?

We've just had a day of wild weather, with the temperature here up to 34C and howling gales feeding new bushfires (with thick dust haze in the morning). An afternoon cool change cleared the dust and gave a view of the smoke from a large fire only 20km away and out of control in rugged country. It will be interesting to see how things develop over coming days until it can be controlled. UPDATE: I've now added 2 PiPs, taken on the morning of 28 Nov, when the smoke drifted our way. Late PM 29/11 - The f…

Oslo park

Not far from our hotel, it was interesting to see some late snow.

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Opera in Oslo

Oslo has a new and very modern Opera House. The fact that I've added four PiPs shows I was impressed! Best viewed large, maybe while listening to this.

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In the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway. Please avert your eyes if nudity is a concern. :-) HFF and best wishes for the weekend, everyone.

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Bridge at night

I've realised that I should have posted this image of the old bridge, prior to the images of our local bridge construction works which have totally changed the scene. Best viewed large on black. Explored.
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