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Camera: Canon EOS 20D
Exposure:0.008 sec. (1/125)
Focal Length:70.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 109.4 mm)
Flash:On, Fired
Exposure mode:Manual
Resolution:72 x 72 dpi
Dimension:3504 x 2336 pixels
Original Date:2008:08:22 21:14:08
Created on:2008:08:22 21:14:08
Modified on:2008:09:04 23:28:30.812
Software:ACD Systems Digital Imaging
AEB Sequence/Auto Cancel0,-,+/Enabled
AF Area Height78
AF Area Width78
AF Assist BeamEmits
AF Image Height2336
AF Image Width3504
AF Point Selection MethodMulti-controller direct
AF Points In Focus4
Add Original Decision DataOff
Blue Balance1.391133
Camera TypeEOS Mid-range
Canon Exposure ModeManual
Canon Firmware VersionFirmware 2.0.3
Canon Flash ModeOn
Canon Image SizeLarge
Canon Model IDEOS 20D
Circle Of Confusion0.019 mm
Color SpacesRGB
Color Temp As Shot5931
Color Temp Auto5931
Color Temp Cloudy6000
Color Temp Custom 13559
Color Temp Custom 25200
Color Temp Daylight5200
Color Temp Flash6417
Color Temp Fluorescent3966
Color Temp Shade7000
Color Temp Tungsten3196
Color ToneNormal
Components ConfigurationY, Cb, Cr, -
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Continuous DriveSingle
Custom RenderedNormal
Digital ZoomNone
Drive ModeSingle-frame Shooting
E-TTL IIEvaluative
Easy ModeManual
Exif Version0220
Exposure Level Increments1/3 Stop
Exposure ModeManual
Field Of View18.7 deg
Flash Activity204
Flash BitsE-TTL, External
Flash Exposure Compensation0
Flash FiringFires
Flash Sync Speed AvAuto
Flash TypeExternal
Flashpix Version0100
Focal Plane Resolution Unitinches
Focal Plane X Resolution3959.322034
Focal Plane Y Resolution3959.322034
Focal Units1/mm
Focus ContinuousSingle
Focus ModeOne-shot AF
Focus RangeNot Known
Hyperfocal Distance31.85 m
ISO ExpansionOn
Image Size3504x2336
Interoperability IndexR98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
Interoperability Version0100
Lens24.0 - 70.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 37.5 - 109.4 mm)
Lens AF Stop ButtonAF stop
Lens IDUnknown 24-70mm
Lens TypeUnknown (-1)
Light Value13.0
Long Exposure Noise ReductionOff
Long Focal70 mm
Macro ModeNormal
Manual Flash Outputn/a
Measured RGGB600 1024 1024 570
Menu Button Display PositionPrevious (top if power off)
Metering ModeEvaluative
Mirror LockupDisable
Num AF Points9
Optical Zoom Coden/a
Original Decision Data Offset0
Owner NameThomas Frejek
Photo EffectOff
Record ModeJPEG
Red Balance2.097537
Red Eye ReductionOff
Resolution Unitinches
Safety Shift In Av Or TvDisable
Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent1.6
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Self TimerOff
Set Function When ShootingChange quality
Shooting ModeManual
Short Focal24 mm
Shutter-AE LockAF/AE lock
Shutter Curtain Sync1st-curtain sync
Sub Sec Time812
Superimposed DisplayOn
Thumbnail Image Valid Area0 159 7 112
Thumbnail Offset9392
VRD Offset0
Valid AF Points9
WB RGGB Levels2129 1015 1015 1412
WB RGGB Levels As Shot2129 1015 1015 1412
WB RGGB Levels Auto2129 1023 1023 1412
WB RGGB Levels Cloudy2151 1023 1023 1400
WB RGGB Levels Custom 12030 1023 1023 3213
WB RGGB Levels Custom 21984 1023 1023 1543
WB RGGB Levels Daylight1984 1023 1023 1543
WB RGGB Levels Flash2173 1023 1023 1340
WB RGGB Levels Fluorescent1782 1023 1023 2112
WB RGGB Levels Shade2287 1023 1023 1292
WB RGGB Levels Tungsten1382 1023 1023 2476
Y Cb Cr PositioningCentered
Zoom Source Width0
Zoom Target Width0