• my prom date was a Pez dispenser

    PS project: bastardize history. The photo was found at an antique store in a frame.

  • everyone's gotta be somewhere

    PS project: casino or movie marquee lights. (Edits to the sign by me, but not the photo.)

  • fashion model smiling

    PS project: Do the opposite of whitening a model's smile. Stock photo found online.

  • a splashy dress

    PS project: make a miniskirt out of water. It's not far from the truth with some guys. The project was just the skirt, and I kinda faked it with the shadow/puddle at her feet. Photo by me, Portland OR.

  • you're not ready for this jelly

    PS project: Make a comic book character out of yourself.

  • Big Bug, Arizona

    PS project: fake nighttime long-exposure. Photo by me (yes, I was in Big Bug, Arizona in 2009 in broad daylight).

  • this is more than a party

    PS project: Combine a couple photos together into one to make a party seem bigger than it really was. Everyone you see here was at the party, the two photos were taken a few seconds apart, but they weren't all in the same frame. The birthday girl's fac…

  • bubbles

    PS project: make rubbery bubbles such as you used to get in tubes, but as you see I applied it to standard soap bubble practice (even if the product shown makes more durable bubbles than that).

  • Pastor Twang is a buzzy guy

    PS project: make an animated GIF that is supposed to emulate motion using a blur. Ipernity apparently breaks animated GIFs so watch it here.

  • goodbye bee

    PS project: making text that looks like three dimensional water. No bees were harmed in the making of this, the water was generated by Photoshop and the bee was very much alive on a lavender flower in my front yard.

  • cartoon kitty

    PS project: making my cat into comic book art in four colors.

  • the cat got high

    PS project: smoke lettering. He might have actually been on catnip at the time.

  • eat moar pussy

    it's good for you. PS project: digital needlecraft! All elements except the pattern used for the cat (that was clipart I traced with my cyberneedle) scanned by me.

  • get your ducks in a row

    PS project: add 'duckie' car air fresheners to a pond and see if the real ducks notice. Photo by me.

  • digital murder

    PS project: convert yourself to a series of binary numbers. Not quite how it was supposed to turn out but pretty awesome anyway.

  • and this, this is my song

    my seranade to you... PS project: you don't need expensive color contact lenses when you've got Photoshop.

  • the time we had baby dolphin stew in Biology class

    A bit salty but a highlight of the year. PS project: put together something bound to raise eyebrows. The base photo I found in paper form, however the dolphin and veggies were found online.

  • a sleeping SNORLAX blocks your jogging trail!

    JOGGER uses SILLY STRING! It's not very effective... Photo by me, and she really was shooting Silly String at her friend. Font, border, and Snorlax borrowed from Google for the joke.

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