Posted on 11/17/2014

Photo taken on November 11, 2014

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entrada (48:52)

entrada (48:52)
I spent a lot of time over the previous warmer months painting the house and changing stuff that looked bad or was worn out. There's a lot left to do in the backyard and the eaves haven't been painted white yet so don't look up from here, but from the street the front of the house makes a great presentation to the world.

* House number was brass, now upcycled sign lettering from an old gas station.
* Porchlight was crappy plastic that gathered bugs, now glass and metal that is easier to keep clean.
* Upper panels were white (with a sickly green previous color), now light grey.
* Lower panels were pinkish (with brown as a previous color), now rich green.
* Trim was rotting and white, parts were replaced and it's now dark grey.
* Front door was dented metal with white latex because the previous owners were Crackheads™, now a metal door with a bevelled paned window which during the last warm day of the year last week was painted purple.
* Hardware was gold, now brushed nickel.
* Doorbell was an old, cracked, ignored, and painted over (but still functional) round button, now it's a lighted nickel-tone plastic you can find.
* Downspouts were white and pink, now spraypainted in "hammered metal" to be a close match to the trim.