Little James Ruddy

'People are always dumping their long lost treasure here in the Badlands! Why don't they leaves something useful, like skis?!' :-)

Little Wintorbos preparing for his Knighthood

Attended by his Gentleman's 'Squire' McKenzie, and his mighty steed, Pride of Lyall. Little Wintorbos: 'I'm ready to do Knightly deeds of great bravery!' McKenzie: 'Are you proposing to battle Dragons?' Little Wintorbos: 'Tut, McKenzie, there are NO Dragons in Canada!' McKenzie 'I am sure you must be right, Sir!'

Little Jofolo

All packed up and ready to leave for Ipernity (in blue)! :-)

Little Andrew Weller

LNASA Official - 'Where are you going? This is your chance to photograph REAL Aliens!!!' Little Andrew Weller - 'Yes, a real Alien WEDDING! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a tin of Beans to photograph!' :-)

Little Chairman

'Sixteen months of digging with a teaspoon! Now we find out the secret of my Rival's great photography!'

Little Keith Burton Says

"There's always time for an ice lolly"! Even in Yeti country! :-)

Little Colin Ashcroft

Prepares for another wonderful day showing the World the sights of the delightful Derbyshire Dales!

Happy Halloween!

Little Wintorbos hosts what will be the greatest Halloween party the Torontean Highlands have ever seen! Little Wintorbos - See McKenzie, I told you I looked exactly like Harry Potter! Alacawhatsit! (Bang, tinkle) Oh drat, blew another bulb! McKenzie - Quite so Sir. What if the Lord Voldemort should believe so too? Little Wintorbos - Tut, McKenzie! I didn't invite him! Anyway, he'd never find me! Elloathingy! (Bang, Bang, tinkle)! McKenzie - Darkness is an excellent cover, Sir! 2018.