Little James Ruddy

'People are always dumping their long lost treasure here in the Badlands! Why don't they leaves something useful, like skis?!' :-)

Little Wintorbos preparing for his Knighthood

Attended by his Gentleman's 'Squire' McKenzie, and his mighty steed, Pride of Lyall. Little Wintorbos: 'I'm ready to do Knightly deeds of great bravery!' McKenzie: 'Are you proposing to battle Dragons?' Little Wintorbos: 'Tut, McKenzie, there are NO Dragons in Canada!' McKenzie 'I am sure you must be right, Sir!'

Little Jofolo

All packed up and ready to leave for Ipernity (in blue)! :-)

Little Andrew Weller

LNASA Official - 'Where are you going? This is your chance to photograph REAL Aliens!!!' Little Andrew Weller - 'Yes, a real Alien WEDDING! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a tin of Beans to photograph!' :-)

Little Chairman

'Sixteen months of digging with a teaspoon! Now we find out the secret of my Rival's great photography!'