In The Midst Of Death We Are In Life

Not the exact quote, but perhaps apt! :-) All Saints Churchyard. North Cave, Yorkshire.

House Sparrow

Something from 2018 for a change - taken at great personal risk! Look at the sharp beak this individual possesses, and the beady eye looking for it's next meal - it was probably big enough to carry a small man off (bear with me, while this isn't a competition, we can't have the residents of Danelandia out-doing us) and this wasn't the only one! Fortunately I seem to have gone un-noticed! :-)

Looking Down

Me onto it, it onto something! Another recent one - and of an animal, a bird in this case - I do other things than buildings! :-)

War Graves

Mostly of Polish Airmen. The large cross (right, off centre) stands near the spot where General Wladyslaw Sikorski was buried until his body was returned to Poland in 1993. In the open patch (left, off centre) there are some wreaths, these are round the Warsaw Air Bridge Memorial. Newark Cemetery. Newark, Nottinghamshire.

David and Goliath

An Ant on a dead Dor Beetle. While ants are no doubt capable of killing one of these in number, I think this died as a result of the dry weather. The ants are most likely taking advantage of a food source that has been found - several were busy at any one time within the abdomen - hence the hole - every now and again one would emerge with something that looked like a bit of grit! 2018.

The Tell Tale Signs Of Woodworm

In a plank of wood!