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  • Merry Christmas!


  • Starlings

    Tower of Holy Trinity Church. West End, Queensbury.

  • Toronto from the Parliament Buildings


  • Birdseye View of Winnipeg, Man.

    Looking along Main Street. Published by W. G. Macfarlane, Toronto. No message, posted 1905 to Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Rather battered postcard.

  • Union Croft Independent Chapel

    At night. Ambler Thorn, Queensbury.

  • Mill Chimney

    Lit by the setting sun. Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury.

  • The Bank of British North America

    Winnipeg, Manitoba. Posted in 1911, but in England.

  • Red Kite

    Seen flying, slowly, in the skiy over Queensbury. I missed it being modded by a group of Starlings - they gave up, perhaps because the larger bird didn't acknowledge them one bit. The camera claimed there was nothing to see - this cropped image is the b…

  • What a Difference...

    All Souls Church. Haley Hill, Halifax.

  • ...A Day Makes!

    All Souls Church. Haley Hill, Halifax.

  • The Sun

    On stained glass. Halifax.

  • Dandelion


  • Bright Colours

    Part of the Chancel's south window. The many stained glass windows of All Souls Church provide colour to the walls and floors when the light shines through them, but it is clear that when the Church was new in 1859, the niches and walls of the now stone…

  • Demonic

    I went into the kitchen to be greeted by the sight of two 'eyes' looking at me out of the darkness. In the absence of a pitch fork, a rake was employed to drive this escapee of the Realms back to where it came from - that and a half strangled screech, ot…

  • The Last Car from Bradford

    Postcard design on which any town or other location may be added. Sometimes 'Last car to...' will be used (or a variation in wording on either theme).

  • Red Admiral

    Flew down the path almost in front of me, then landed and stayed for a photo or two, then just when I'd done, it flew off!

  • An Apple A Day

    Happy, healthy molluscs!

  • Another Bat Photo

    The bats have been out in force these last few nights - easiest to see on the main road (but I don't like to fire the flash when there are cars about, which there almost always is) with some seeming to get very close to moving vehicles. So it's back down…

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