The Chairman 8's photos

  • TJ Walsh

    Waterhouse Street, Halifax. Just pulling out as I took the photo! The name as shrunk somewhat - and this bus is white. No name, but I know they named their vehicles at one time. I saw a... well I don't know what Spoddendale would call it ..... a singl…

  • For Spoddendale

    Surprisingly few images of TJ Walshes buses on my Flickr 'stream! This one's not great, not to the bus enthusiast (but it did just slip in when I was photographing the construction beyond). :-) The only other image is one of the back of TJ12 (it says so…

  • For Spoddendale

    A photo of one of the old Halifax Joint Committee Buses - a more modern one for them! I preferred the older ones they ran where you boarded at the rear!

  • Peppered Corydoras

    In aquarium.

  • A Bit of Snow

    Brighouse Road, Queensbury.

  • A Bit of Snow


  • Greetings From Chapleau

    Ontario. I don't know if this is an image of Chapleau.

  • Luke 17. 26 - 31

    Biblical reference - seems to have something to do with Noah and Lot - basically I take it to be a warning of impending doom! (-: Brighouse Road, Queensbury.

  • Bathed in Blood

    Dragon-like creature. Holy Trinity Church, Queensbury.

  • Blood Lit

    Dragon-like creature. Holy Trinity Church, Queensbury.

  • Holiday Treats For Girls

    From Hints for the Household, 1912. Booklet produced as part of St Jude's Church, Sale of Work. Halifax.

  • Paul Varley

    I had no idea the single decker buses has people's names on! Seen in Halifax Bus Station. My 'expert' assessment, it belongs to First (but then most buses around here do), why it has a green front I can't say! While the buses electronic blind? is blank…

  • Cyclamen

    In the back garden.

  • Sinister

    But only because I put my finger, deliberately, over the flash as the barrel cast a dark shadow! :-) RAOB collarette.

  • Plec

    In aquarium.

  • Dangers of Polyjuice

    'Oh no! It was Mad-eys's cats hair I plucked off those robes!'

  • New Year (2019)

    Probably the best of the few shots of fireworks the camera managed! :-)

  • First Day of 2019

    Some people taking a walk amongst the quarries and spoil heaps of the past. A much sunnier day, with warmth in the sun, if not anywhere else! :-) Ambler Thorn, Queensbury.

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