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René Magritte - Le Prêtre Marié

René Magritte - Le Prêtre Marié
"It is two objects which look like green apples, with leafy stems, standing close to one another on a plain under a cloudy night sky. Both wear purple eye-masks, though of course they have no eyes. One (on the left) is turned toward the other, which is slightly out in front, and appears to be giving it a light kiss or a nudge. What does this mean? Is the priest the apple on the right, staring straight ahead while the object of his desire tries to win him over with a kiss? Is he the apple on the left, passionately casting aside his vows for a single kiss with his lover, which is not reciprocated? Or is it that a married priest is like two apples, one kissing the other, the other ignoring the gesture? Does this painting represent the battle between the id (the left apple, full of desire) and the superego (the right apple, which must remain steadfast and resolute)? Are the masks a facade, an appearance the apples are trying to keep up, or are they a disguise, to hide the apples' wrongdoing from chance onlookers? Only the left apple appears to have its mask tied on -- is it the only one serious about maintaining this illusion, or is it the only one who needs to work to do so? Any or all of these are possible interpretations of the painting. The value of the work, and the skill of the painter, lie in being able to make the viewer ask these questions. Magritte's personification of the apples, and his seemingly whimsical title, force the viewer to reconcile their apparent lunacy. " - hazel r (Yahoo! answers)

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