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  • The girl with the crimson kiss

  • Disarmed

  • Ready?

    Collies are a PAIN to photograph. For one, they are constantly moving (they do not, in fact, ever get tired), and secondly, the black and white colour scheme they've got going on is hell for over/underexposure, forcing a LOT of editing to bring out the li…

  • A few of my favourite things

  • Rose

  • Happy times

  • Box Brownie Model E

  • Kodak Duaflex

  • Death in a bottle

  • Wutchoo lookin' at?

  • Recursion

  • Settings

  • Day 151 of 365

    Taken with a 42 year old Pentax Spotmatic 2.

  • Pretty as a picture

    This came from the Nikon F70, which performed excellently.

  • Pentax Spotmatic II

    Andreea has made it quite clear that she doesn't like this photo. I do, so here it is. I took a bunch of photos of the Pentax, and weirdly this first shot, taken with the wrong white balance, light and focusing actually turned out to be my favourite.

  • Day 150 of 365

    Went to Malvern with the express purpose of snapping some photos, and visiting a second hand bookstore so we can get our hands on some ancient books, but heavy snow and the shopkeeper being on holiday meant we spent most of the day being cold and wet. I t…

  • Day 149 of 365

    The camera I'm holding is a Eumig Mini 3 8mm Servofocus Super8 film camera. Dad went to a small auction the other day and picked up a box full of old camera stuff, including this, another oddity I haven;t identified and an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic 35mm SL…

  • Shrove Tuesday

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