#0044 (approved)

Frontpage Winter Collection

These pictures are shown on the ipernity frontpage during the winter season of 2019 To watch them as a compiled video, follow ▶️ this link.

#0044 (approved)

Picture from: Bergfex www.ipernity.com/doc/2218680/46247172 Title: Matterhorn Proof:

#0045 (approved)

Picture from: Tacheles www.ipernity.com/doc/tacheles-universum/46224774 Title: Verwachsen | crooked Proof:

#0092 (approved)

Picture from: Bergfex www.ipernity.com/doc/2218680/46274078 Title: Take a Seat Please Proof:

#0104 (approved)

Picture: Pics-UM www.ipernity.com/doc/pics-um/46302796 Title: Breithorn Proof:

#0172 (approved)

Picture: Lischen www.ipernity.com/doc/75511/38720898 Title: Gedanken auf Papier Proof:

#0173 (approved)

Picture: Bergfex www.ipernity.com/doc/bergfex/46318308 Title: Schatzberg Proof:

#0174 approved)

Picture: Ruesterstaude www.ipernity.com/doc/ruesterstaude/47213080 Title: Telefone Proof:

#0176 (approved)

Picture: Peter Van Lom www.ipernity.com/doc/1941072/47254926 Title: An hour on the Opera Roof Proof:

#0177 (approved)

Picture: Guydel www.ipernity.com/doc/delacour83/47363816 Title: Kakis Proof:
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