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Homepage Picture Example (5b)

With the original picture "sunny sunday afternoon " from antje p. : www.ipernity.com/doc/antje.p/40211886/in/group/2341904 Which indicates the following needs as a general rule: 1) It would be very helpful for moderation to allow downloads (screenshots for moderation puposes reduce the quality) 2) No signature in the corner right down, please! (That's the place for the automatically generated copyright later on.)

Homepage Picture Example (6b)

With the original picture "lonesome wanderer" from Berny : www.ipernity.com/doc/berny/41716348/in/group/2341904 (With marginal post-processing: Picture shifted downwards a little bit.)

Homepage Picture Example (7b)

An excellent pictur4e. But the proposal had to be extended a little bit on the right. Otherwise the necessary cutout (1220 x 675) would bee too narrow at the bottom and the top. Source: www.ipernity.com/doc/alain.alzy/41526182/in/group/2341904

Startpic Optimizing Tool

Photoshop multilayer psd-file for optimizing of start pictures. (Free download and use for own optimization purposes by anyone.) Exactly 16:9 now! * * * * * Photoshop Mehrfachebenen-psd-file für die Bildoptimierung. (Freier Download für die eigenständige Optimierung von Startbildern.) Jetzt exakt 16:9

New ipernity Homepage - Final Release

[EN] Revised version of www.ipernity.com/doc/team/46010386 with respect to all comments and suggestions for improvement. ****************************** [FR] Version révisée de www.ipernity.com/doc/team/46010386 en ce qui concerne tous les commentaires et suggestions d'amélioration. ****************************** [DE] Überarbeitete Version von www.ipernity.com/doc/team/46010386 unter Berücksichtigung aller Kommentare und Verbesserungsvorschläge.

Neue ipernity Homepage - endgültige Version

[DE] Übersetzte Version von www.ipernity.com/doc/team/46149656 . ****************************** [EN] Translated version of www.ipernity.com/doc/team/46149656 . ****************************** [FR] Version traduite de www.ipernity.com/doc/team/46149656 .

Ipernity Homepage - Italian version

New frontpage, Italian version Grazie, Franco Benf! www.ipernity.com/doc/francobenf/46308262

Ipernity Homepage - Dutch version

New frontpage, Dutch version Thank you, Jaap! www.ipernity.com/home/294067
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