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01 Nov 2021

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See: 2021-11-05 Club News

19 Oct 2021

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20 Sep 2021

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Picture: Kokolori Title: Harlekin II Proof:

20 Sep 2021

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Picture without lettering: To the viewer: This picture is intended to decorate the ipernity homepage, which is our flagship for casual visitors from the web. If you would like to support it with another motif, you are cordially invited. ▶️ Collection of already existing homepage pictures

03 Sep 2021

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Fluctuation of ipernity club members

As can be seen, the exodus of the 2007 to 2010 cohorts is particularly striking. However, these are mainly very aged members who have either already died or no longer pursue their photo hobby due to declining physical strength or other motives. This is completely normal. In fact, it is very positive that our community has so many long-standing members. The loyalty of the cohorts from 2013 to 2015 is also impressive. Most of these club members are former Panoramio members. What really worries us is the low number of staying new members, even though the user experience of our website is better than ever. We know that there are many dissatisfied users on both Facebook and Instagram. Not least because of the announcement by Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram) on Twitter that hobby photography will be given less prominence in the future. (German article about this matter on: ) However, we are very sure that the billions of users of these large platforms are completely unaware of the existence of ipernity. Changing this is our greatest opportunity. For detailed information see: Club News 2021-09-03

21 May 2020

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2020-0923 Timeline of Club Memberships

[a] Non-renewal of 2-year subscriptions, which ipernity S.A. had offered in 2016 [b] Campaign to win back former members by a Returnee Offer at 50% discount [c] Campaign to hold deserting members (the dark greyed section of the chart shows the promotional memberships, 2 months for free) [d] Multi-year subscriptions offer as Reprogramming Loan at 12.5 - 25% discount [e] Regular multi-year subscriptions offer at 12.5 - 25% discount For detailed information see: Club News 2021-09-03

11 Mar 2021

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2021-09-03 Club News


22 Aug 2020

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Front page image composition

See: Layout Guidelines For The Frontpage Preview of the autumn collection: ▶️ 2021 Ipernity Homepage Pictures Autumn

11 Aug 2021

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Picture: Patrice Leydier Title: Il ne vous manque que l'odeur ! Proof:
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