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  • Horseradish Mustard - Amazing

    Photo taken for my dad to show him what I was talking about with Horseradish Mustard so he can try to find some for himself.

  • An Albany Chicken

    This guy has been hanging around lately. Albany NZ is known for its (former) wild chicken population. Not quite sure where this one came from, but, there's a second one hanging around now, that is all black.

  • I decided to do a "quick" case swap… Ended up doing a lot more than that.

  • I decided to do a "quick" case swap… Ended up doing a lot more than that.

  • My wife got me Legos!

    Monster Fighters Train set, Lone Ranger StageCoach Escape, City Garbage Truck and 3 minifigs. Minifigs were the Abominable Snowman, Gingerbread Man, and the Cop.

  • New Zealand Pukeko

  • Hallertau - Number 4 Dark Ale

  • New Zealand Wood Pigeon

  • Deep Creek Brewing Company - Basilica Vanilla Chocolate Porter

    From Deep Creek Brewing Company in Browns Bay, New Zealand

  • Blow-Off

    Some very excited yeast!

  • Bag of DME

    I think I'll leave random bags of DME around when guests come over... Dry Malt Extract

  • The cover up

    Light is bad mmkay?

  • Porter Pitched

  • Ready for World Domination

    They are all eagerly awaiting orders...

  • Ready for World Domination

  • Thermometer

    Contrast down by -52 Exposure up 1.15 stops Now I can (somewhat) read it!

  • Thermometer

    Hardly able to be read... Quite disappointing...

  • Baby Penguin

    One of the baby penguins at Kelly Tarlton's penguin habitiat

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