• Home

    Coming home to Thunder Bluff

  • Big Machine

    A big machine of the Venture Company in Windshear Crag, Stonetalon Mountains

  • Waiting for the ship in Ratchet

  • Looking at Shimmering Flats

    Nice engineer's city Gangetzan

  • Netherdragon flying by

    OMG! Fortunately he seemed to have bad eyes.

  • The Western Plaguelands

  • The Wailing Caverns

  • Resting in Northwatch Hold

  • Action in the Crossroads

    The Alliance is trying to storm the Crossroads.

  • Camp fire near Thunder Bluff

    Gone farming for wolf meat. Cooking skills rule! ;-)

  • The Crossroads

    The Crossroads was my home for quite a long time around the 20s. Loved it there.

  • Inside Shadowfang Keep

    Must be the room of Wolf Master Nandos, if I remember correctly.

  • The Barrens

    Running around with my lion Jogi.

  • Flying a bat

    My first time on a bat. Like wind rider more, I think. The route is from Tarren Mills to Undercity.

  • Flying through the Barrens

    With two guys ahead.

  • Verdan the Everling


  • Action in the Barrens

    Some Alliance and Horde players fighting.

  • Gurubashi Arena

    No one there. Strange.

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