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collaboration Minor Ray Lewis John Holliday

Words by Minor Ray Lewis ..improvised by me

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frozen in space take 2

quick improvised song for friends on faceboook

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Higgs Bosun After Nick cave

improvised song after listening to Nick Cave

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eleanor reworked

was waiting for a call from a facebook friend.......going to be meeting up with him and a few others, had the words and chords to Eleanor Rigby......trying to play something that already exists is hard for me ...why I dont know ? but started playing…

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Of creatures lost - John holliday and Nish

a stream of Consciousness song inspired by a Painting by Nish, a friend and fellow artist from Facebook

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One chord blues song

playing guitar and making up the words as I go along......

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ironic blues

Made up on the spur of the moment after reading a comment on Flickr which I found amusing....:-)

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